Africa safety & security industry targets the following attendees:

Private Sector:

  • Security Services
  • Guarding Companies
  • Security Integrators and Security System Providers
  • Importers, Distributors and Retailers of Security Products
  • IT and Telecommunication Services, Network Administrators
  • Security Officers and Managers for Hotels and Hospitality, Embassies, NGO’s, Banks, Industrial Plants, Hospitals, Logistics, Malls and Shopping
  • Facilities
  • Architects and Technicia

Public Sector:

  • Fire Departments
  • Police
  • Military
  • Ministries
  • Departments
  • Customs
  • Passenger Terminals (Airports, Rail Stations, Bus Stations, Harbors)
  • Embassies, Consulates, UN, Worldbank
  • Parks and Arenas
  • Hospitals
  • Public Enterprises (Energy, Water, Transport)